Solución a los ardores, distensión abdominal y otros problemas gástricos con Ayurveda.

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Welcome to a transformative Ayurveda masterclass, where we will explore how to restore harmony to your digestive system! Heartburn, abdominal distension and other gastric problems can affect our quality of life, but the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda offers us natural and effective solutions.


In this class, we will delve into the roots of digestive imbalances according to Ayurveda, understanding how the different doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) influence our digestion and general well-being. We will discover how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to balance your digestive system holistically.


We will explore simple yet powerful Ayurvedic practices, including:


Herbal recipes and medicinal teas to calm heartburn and inflammation.

Breathing exercises (Pranayama) to stimulate digestion and relieve abdominal distension.

Lifestyle routines that promote digestive health and emotional well-being. Tips on what foods to include and avoid to keep your digestive fire in balance. With the guidance of a certified Ayurveda teacher, you will learn practical tools and deep knowledge to revitalize your digestive system and improve your quality of life. Join us on this journey toward healthier digestion and a deeper connection to your body and well-being. We will wait for you!


Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your relationship with food and your body! Subscribe now and join our Ayurvedic community.

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Solución a Los ardores, distensión abdominal y otros problemas gástricos con Ayurveda.

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